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Airbrush Makeup:
Dinair's foundation formula is water resistant, silicone free, paraben free, and not tested on animals. A small amount of Dinair's specially formulated makeup is sprayed into super-fine mist onto the face, giving the coverage you desire( from sheer to opaque).The result is a flawless, lightweight, natural, and undetectable coverage that will last all day with no need for touch ups! Now you too can get the look of the stars!
*It is best to apply to fresh clean skin, free of oils and other moisturizers.

Spray Tanning Products
.Dinair’s Airtan is a safe and easy way to beat the winter blues and get beach ready! This sugar-based sunless tan leaves a sun kissed color tone. Odorless scent and dries to a tack-free coverage leaving the skin with a beautiful summer glow that fades evenly. Airtan application is so neat and focused that it can be used in a bathroom, bedroom or treatment room. Airtan is specially formulated to spray at very low pressure. At low pressure we can produce a very focused, gentle spray pattern with almost no overspray. What little over spray occurs falls in a small radius around the subject. Little overspray also means almost no wasted product..

Jan Tana High Definition Competition Color
The Most Amazing Color You Will Ever See! Created for bodybuilding and fitness competitions but this color looks incredible for every occasion.
  • Rich, Dark Chestnut Color Looks Fabulous On Fair or Dark Skin!
  • Dries Immediately and Fades Evenly Like A Tan From The Sun.
  • Deep Radiant Color looks like "A REAL TAN". If you are competing you need this tan.
Great for fitness, bodybuilding, ballroom dancing, beauty pageants, photo shoots and all Competitions! Immediate color washes off and leaves a dark sunless tan that last 5-7 days.
Wonderful Apricot Fragrance
Please contact us at 724-980-9722 or email with any questions or concerns you may have about your spray tan, or to make an appointment with your spray tanning technician.  Thank you.
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